Lathers really nicely on the skin and has a decent - yet soft exfoliant. I was really nervous to put it on my skin but it was incredibly gentle. Left my skin feeling super baby bottom smooth with a yummy clean sort of lemongrass scent. Felt really clean but not stripped like some do :) 

I love that this product is very natural and gentle on my skin. I appreciate the local ingredients and I love the fact it's different to all of the other cleansers on the market. It's also a mild (really, really mild) scrub, so your skin is left feeling clean and refreshed.

After the 10 days my skin does look brighter and more supple, certainly has a nice cleansed look great for my 68-year-old face.

Loved this product! It was not harsh and the smell was not overpowering. I liked the gentleness - initially because it said "mineral" I thought it might end up being too much of an exfoliating product but thankfully it is a pure cleanser that didn't redden my skin.


I have incredibly sensitive skin and find it difficult to find suitable cleansers that work without a reaction. I have found trialling Zeosoft Natural Skin Cleanser a blessing. My skin feels clean, detoxified and healthy after cleansing with this product and doesn't feel too dry. It removes light makeup without being too harsh and the fragrance is very natural which is great as fragrances can irritate my skin. I really like the contemporary packaging and the fact that the product doesn't have too many nasty ingredients listed on the back, I also appreciate that this product is made in New Zealand and ingredients are sourced from thermal spring valleys near Rotorua. It's also good to see this product is free of parabens, artificial colours and fragrances and the environment has been considered in the manufacture of this product. I would use it again.

The Mineral Skin Cream is like no other moisturising lotion I have ever tried. My skin still feels moisturised at the end of the day - a delightful new experience for me! I love the delicious fresh lemon scent too. A really delicious product. I will be giving these away to the special ladies in my life this Christmas!