Premium Quality Technical Excellence

Lucas is a world famous, dynamic brand that embraces an extensive portfolio of premium quality products for automotive, motorcycle and home use. Over 125 years of engineering excellence coupled with our spirit of innovation ensures our continued global success.

Extensive range, technical durability, endurance, outstanding quality, growth and expansion are very much a part of what Lucas is and has always been.

Today Lucas continues to grow in these channels while dynamically expanding into new markets with new products. Lucas is a thriving global brand with a strategic network of Lucas businesses, head licensees and distributors together contributing to worldwide sales of over $100 million.

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Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Specially introduced to suit the needs of professional fitters and mechanics, the new Lucas Heavy Duty hand cleaner cares for your skin and the environment. Unlike most hand cleaners on the market today, our hand cleaner is completely natural, with no harsh abrasives or petro-chemical additives.

It gently removes every trace of grease, dirt and odour by utilising the special properties of a remarkable mineral called Zeolite, which has a unique cage like molecular structure that traps toxins and smells, and together with natural plant extracts removes dirt and greases whilst softening and sanitising your hands.

Our Zeolite is mined in New Zealand from volcanic ash formed by hundreds of years of exposure to hot geothermal springs.
And as it’s entirely natural; and once washed off, it has a positive environmental impact unlike chemical cleaners which can permeate water tables, causing permanent damage.