10,000 years in the making!

Active natural minerals suck up and trap toxins 
and odours from your skin.

Contains mineral silicas and clays that clean gently 
and leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

Combined with Essential oils that help repair and refresh 
the skin.

Made using only natural accredited ingredients.

Clean you and our environment

No parabens, colourants, artificial fragrances, solvents 
or other chemical  'nasties' are used in the making of 
Zeosoft products.


About Us


Zeosoft  Personal Care uses natures resources to cleanse, detoxify, deodorise and repair your skin naturally.

Zeosoft's range of skin cleansers and soaps, containing unique natural minerals from New Zealand's geothermal area, cleanse and exfoliate your skin smoothly and softly. Leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised.

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